October 30, 2010

refurbished faith

life is full of changes:
        -fashion changes
                            -jobs change
                            -homes change
                            -people change
                            -relationships change
                            -our children change   (too quickly)   
                            -churches change
                            - blogs change

change can be good. change can be bad. change can happen in an instant or be slow over time. some people love change others hate it. change can happen so often that it is our only constant. sometimes all we long for is change, other times it can be the thing we dread most. either way change is something that life always throws our way... wanted or not.

the past year change has been my greatest friend and my most hated enemy. i have been on the rollercoaster of my life. (here is a quick recap of the last year or two)

    |2009| *take state nursing boards* eli born * james parents separate / get back together* leave our home church (tears still come when I think aboutt hat one)* start working my first full time job of my life * start new church* james gets hired at said church * james starts full time bachelor program * james starts a new restaurant job.
        |2010|  (all since august) * i quit county * start working per diem at kaiser* james gets full-time job at an amazing church * move into a beautiful house * move to san diego county * james quits yardhouse*

each one of these changes could be a blog post in and of themselves and has an outrageous myriad of emotions associated with each. as you can see 2009 is vastly different from 2010. 2009 we were taken to our knees in every aspect of our life
           |emotionally, physically, financially, relationally |
we prayed in january 2010 that god would show mercy on us reveal his perfect plan for our lives. we felt things couldn't really get worse and that was a relief but we felt like god had so much more in store for us. **fast forward to summer** through a series of events (most details too long & boring to write about) we were brought to New Commnity Church of Vista. after a long interview processjames was hired as there full-time worship leader. we felt immediately connected tot eh staff and congregation. we moved to a beautiful community in vista (ten minutes from the beach) there is no way to explain how amazing this transition has been. for the entire time james & i have been married we have always held down multiple jobs, while balancing full-time school and what sometimes would amount to full-time church responsibilites. add a curly haired boy to the mix and you've got one crazy time in our life. we had just enough time & energy to only give 10% to all of our responsibilites. nothing felt like it was thriving -- everything in our life was suffering. we cannot begin to express our graditude for the amazing changes that have happened over the last few months, and for the life lessons and character- building trials we went through in the year before. 

now... that brings me to my blog. you may have noticed the new name & new look. a consistent, fun blog is something i have wanted to do for a long time. (thank you molly for the beautiful makeover) i want this to not only be documentation of our life but of my recent projects & opinions on funky finds & fashion.

so... now its your turn... follow me on twitter (www{dot}twitter {dot}com/mrsdoezie)  and facebook and now my bloggity blizog...

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