November 3, 2010

having one of those days...

a day when things don't work out the way i had hoped
a day where i have to choose to get out of bed
a day where i have to choose to trust
a day where i have to choose to love
a day where i have to choose to be thankful for the blessings i do have

a day where i have to look to Him and Him alone
                         ... to trust what He has in store for me is greater than I can imagine

a day where i need to rejoice in my trials
                        ... no matter how hard it is... no matter how much i don't want to

a day where i need to choose to be happy for those who things have worked out for
                       ... and not to wallow in my own self-pity or self-doubt

a day where sweatpants and chocolate can't soothe my pain...
                      ... although it does help
a day where my heartbreak and frustration can be more than i want to think about.


i will cling to His word

i will love on my husband
i will teach my son something new
i will accept my situation and be grateful for everything i have
i will get dressed and put my make up on
i will clean my house

i will be still and know that HE is God...


  1. ahh, man. i've had more than a few of these days this week myself. blerg. sometimes you hafta choose to not wallow in it & just be still like you said. that's the hardest part for me..the being still part..the waiting part..the listening part. ha! you have a good attitude about it :) hoping you had a better day today friend! xo.