December 19, 2010

Blog Love

So I know that i definitely set a pretty low bar when it comes to blog content and consistency. However, in my writing absence I do a creepy substantial amount of blog stalking. Lately I have come across the greatest blogs... Most of them are on my left sidebar, but I wanted to do a quick shout out to some of my favs...

The Daybook

Miss Sydney is a quick-witted fashion blogger. Her hubby (whom she has no qualms about sharing how madly in love she is with him) take a picture of her outfit pretty much everyday. I have found great inspiration to get me out of a fashion rut.

Awesome Decorating tips and a lot of features on other bloggers

Jennifer Johner is a creative genius! I pretty much die everytime I take her virtual house tour. Great decorating and craft ideas.

This blog is definitely one of my favorite daily reads. Danielle is a SAHM to baby boy Henry. I love her healthy lifestyle and weekly tattoo features.

and what would a post on featured blogs be without mentioning the famous miss molly. I love reading about her beautiful twins and silly antics. She is a beyond talented graphic artist. I have hired her for several jobs and I cannot recommend her enough. and shes a local girl 

Make sure to check out those blogs as well as all the others on my page :-) (Christmas posts coming soon)

much love

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  1. ah man, you are the sweetest. & ive never heard of the daybook! how cute is she? love me a new blog :) merry christmas friend!