April 21, 2011

Hubby Thursday V.1

My hubby is my best friend. I wanted to take sometime each week to join this series. This week I will talk about what James and I like to do for fun...

[1] Watch redbox movies with a low-fat dessert and fall asleep on the couch.

[2] eat out.

[3] walk around malls.

[4] sit at barnes and noble reading and drinking coffee.

[5] take naps.

wow. we are super exciting. i know we have gotten a little crazy in our old age... when looking at our list of rousing adventures I reflected a little bit and vowed to myself that we will spice things up and have more adventures like we used to. What I realized though was that, while keeping it on the fly is important, it honestly doesn't matter what we do. We have so much fun together! I know thats cliche and overstated but it is so true. Who needs bungee jumping [or some other crazy adventure] when I could be having a conversation with the most interesting man i know? or be cuddling with the most loving husband a girl could ask for?

I will make some changes to make things a little more exciting... I will try to stay awake through the whole movie.


  1. awe... lady!! Thanks for linking up! You two are such a cute couple! isnt it the best just being alone with the man God has placed for you to love?! Love it! Thanks again for linking up!! =)

  2. Aww so cute! I think you became my favorite couple ever because I think that's all the things my life revolves around now (not so much walking around malls...unless it was the spectrum in Irvine).

    Either way. awww! :D :D :D