April 22, 2011

Fill-in-the-blank Friday

[1] fridays are meant for sleeping in, going to the park, picnics, eating out, naps, game nights with friends, movies, date night, and staying up late. {i love that james has fridays off}

[2] baby buns, skinny vanilla lattes, catching up on my shows, shopping, and decorating make me terribly happy.

[3] something that inspires me: on a design level pinterest and way too many blogs to count. on a "life" level any message by John Piper, good solid fellowship.

[4] if i had the day off today i would: (we do have the off but lets pretend we don't) (if i was kidless for the day) I would sleep in, take two classes at the gym, get my eyebrows waxed [keeping it real people], take a shower and get dolled up, go to ikea, and then go to sushi and the movies with my love. mmmm perfect

[5] If I had to put a label on my design style it would be: oh man this is really hard. probably "vintage, ecclectic, glam" are those not those most opposite styles ever? ha. It is hard for me to lock down a style for myself because I love so many different ones. 

[6] Concerning politics, I would say I am AHHHHHH! Ok I am not sure where on the political spectrum i am. I know what I feel about certain issues but definitely don't feel a need to identify myself on either side. I know that God is sovereign and no matter who is in office or what laws are or aren't passed I know that He holds us all in His hand. Thats all I need to know :-)

[7] i'd like to go on a cruise to the bahamas so I could relax and go somewhere I've aways dreamed of

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  1. Wellll....If you ever want to "have a day off" I would be more than happy to babysit the 'ittle one! :D

  2. Thanks for the comment love at peace. love & family! Look at your cute little family! Adorbs :) And even though it's not Friday...I'm gonna play the fill in the blank game :)

    ps- i think i spy a tank & tink header ;)

  3. Mmmmm, vanilla lattes are so yummy! I've been on a "toffee nut" kick at Starbucks lately! I had one this morning and I already want another!! Haha!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit