April 8, 2011

(this picture is old and has nothing to do with my post but MERCY is he not the cutest thing in the world??)

Here is my first "Fill-in-the-Blank" Friday segment. The lovely Liz has been doing this segment for a while so to kick off my first one I just picked a random set she did a while ago. So here we go :-)

1.    I am     feeling thankful and content. Sometimes that can be a rarity for me. An issue that I daily struggle with. I can truly say I am so happy... 

2.   The bravest thing I've ever done was      Start Nursing School and then work as a RN in the ER. I am still scared {hold me}

3.   I feel prettiest when     I have had a good work out and have made an effort to eat healthy. (rarer and rarer these days)

4.   Something that keeps me awake at night is   Sometimes it is trivial things like "what am I going to wear tomorrow" or "I need to make sure I do this or that" other times it is more impactful things like "I hope I am being a good mom and wife" or "How will we afford x,y and z". 

5.   My favorite meal in the entire world is    My husband will be shocked that I am actually saying this and I can hear the "I told you so's now" but Sushi. Not real sushi though. Things like crunchy shrimp rolls and shrimp tempura. You know the lame-man's sushi.
6.   The way to my heart is     Lots of money. Just kidding. Although it would not hurt. I would say probably quality time and offering to do the dishes :-)

7.   I would like to     give my baby a sibling, take up running (yea right, just calling myself out now), stick to the budget James and I are implementing (Day 7 and so far so good).

And a shout out to the Lovely Molly who will be doing some additional design work for Heather which is so super exciting because she is so talented. She is the art-eest behind my little corner of internet heaven. You should definitely check her out if you are in the market for a blog overhaul.


  1. Love your Honesty!! I think of the same things when I lay awake a night too.. I think we women always want to know that we are being the best wives and moms. I'm sure you are doing just fine =)

  2. It's the kids bedtime, which tonight means a glass of wine for me and reading blogs...but they are crying in their rooms which means I only got through this post. But I think you're darling and I can't wait to read more :)